Die New Yorker Singer-/Songwriterin Charlotte Rose Benjamin veröffentlicht via Moshi Moshi Records einen neuen Track namens “Back To The Future”. Bei allen Besserwissern klingelt es da genau richtig. Benjamin nimmt sich tatsächlich einer ganz bestimmten Thematik des 80er Jahre Klassikers an und katapultiert das Ganze in die jetzige Zeit von Quarantänebestimmungen und Co. Mit “Party City” brachte Charlotte Rose Benjamin im Februar 2020 ihre Debüt EP raus, ebenfalls bei Moshi Moshi Records. Was danach kam ist bei allen bekannt und so musste auch Benjamin Konzerte absagen und irgendwie durchkommen. “Back To The Future” ist ein Ergebnis dieser Zeit.

Charlotte selbst zum Track und der Entstehung: “‘Back to the Future’ is a piece of the constant loop of intrusive thoughts I experience every day. So much anxiety just comes with being alive in 2020, especially as a young person and looking at social media and my peers and feeling disconnected. When I was maybe 7 I watched the movie Back to the Future with my dad and the scene where Marty McFly is on stage at the school dance playing guitar and his fingers start going see-through and he keeps looking at this photo of him standing with his family and he’s slowly fading out of because he went back in time and (spoiler) almost prevented his parents from ever getting together scared the shit out of me and I made my dad turn it off and didn’t see the ending for years. The idea of having ~never existed~ was horrifying to me. A few months into quarantine I realized that’s exactly how I felt. I moved back into my parents house and sometimes it was hard to believe that anything in my adult life had ever even happened.

Depression has a way of making you feel like you have always been sad and will always be sad. I also liked the irony of ‘Back to the Future’ as a title in one of the darkest times in American History where in moments I truly thought we were facing the apocalypse and any notion of ‘the future’ was so unclear.

Then, my band and Hunter Airheart came to Martha’s Vineyard (where I grew up an had been living for the past six months) to record the song and shoot the music video. And suddenly we were in this dreamy vacation town having so much fun making something. My favorite thing about songwriting is that I can use all of my fears and worries and sadness as fuel for a project and in that way it ends up kind of balancing out.”

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