Captured Tracks veröffentlicht am 26. Juni das neue Album der Amerikanerin Becca Mancari. “The Greatest Part” wird das 12 Song starke Werk heißen und besitzt mit den Songs “Hunter” und “First Time” bereits zwei zu erhaschende Kostproben. Die brandneue Single “First Time” besticht durch ihren Anmut und der leicht schwebenden Atmosphäre. Ein sanfter Beat trifft auf einen äußerst sanften Gesang, während sich im Hintergrund langsam die elegante Slide-Guitar aufbaut. Dabei drehen sich die Lyrics um reichlich düsterere Themen und setzen dem süßen Sound das nötige bitter entgegen. Zu “First Time” erklärt Becca Mancari: “(This song) was a song that I did not at the time have the strength to write when I started, but as soon as the first line of the song came out of me I knew there was no going back. I came out years ago, but never really told my story. When touring people started coming up to me after shows to tell me their own stories of coming out and how hard it was for many of them to do so, I wanted to write a song that not only is my story, but also a story that many others share. I wrote it from the perspective of looking back at my younger self, asking her, ‘did you find your way out?’ I don’t think you have to be queer to relate to this story though. I think a lot of us have childhood pains that we carry into our adult lives, and my hope is that when you hear this song you feel less alone and that you do indeed find your way out.”

Becca Mancari wird am Freitag, dem 8. Mai, um 23 Uhr bei einer “No Contact Show” auf ihrem YouTube-Kanal sowohl die Single “First Time” als auch weitere Songs live spielen.

Foto Blogpost: Zac Farro / Foto Header: The Greatest Part Cover Artwork

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Becca Mancari – The Greatest Part

VÖ: 26.06.2020 (Captured Tracks)

1. Hunter
2. First Time
3. Like This
4. Bad Feeling
5. Pretend
6. Stay True
7. Lonely Boy
8. Tear Us Apart
9. I’m Sorry
10. Stay With Me
11. Knew
12. Forgiveness